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  • Does Simply Vanilla Gourmet have all cheesecakes available for immediate sale?
    Yes! Please visit us at our Forest or Lynchburg location where we always have 12-15 varieties of our gourmet cheesecakes available for purchase. While you are here, check out our savory treats, coffee, and assorted sandwiches, salads, and soups!
  • How do I place a pre-order for a gourmet cheesecake?
    To place a pre-order, Either call 434-534-3152 OR follow the link above to order online. We will respond and confirm your order once it is received. Online pre-orders must be placed within 3 days of the requested pick-up time. In store pre-orders may be placed up to 36 hrs before the requested pickup time. Please follow store hours and special holiday instructions when placing your order.
  • What forms of payment are available for use?
    At this time we accept all major credit cards through our ordering portal and in-store. All sales are final. Should you have a questions or concern about your product please Contact Us using the link above and we will be glad to assist you.
  • What do I do if I have a food allergy?
    While placing your order, please let us know of any food allergies you or your guests may have. We take food allergies very seriously and will provide you with possible options to help make you an informed choice about the allergen in question.
  • Where is Simply Vanilla Gourmet located?
    We would be thrilled to have you visit us our bakery storefront located at 1381 Crossings Centre Drive, Suite C, Forest, VA . Please see store hours posted on both our Facebook page and Home Page for the most updated information.
  • What taxes are applied to the purchase?
    All sales are subject to the standard Virginia state sales tax of 5.3% as well as any local meals tax. Meals tax for Bedford county is 4%
  • Do you offer gift certificates or gift cards?
    Yes! Simply Vanilla Gourmet offers gift certificates for purchase and use in-store only. Note that these gift certificates can not be used to place an order online. And an order can not be placed online and then refunded for the use of a gift certificate in store. Not in the area? You may call our Forest storefront at 434-534-3152 and one of our guest associates can help you purchase over the phone and either send to your recipient or have it ready for pick-up in-store.
  • How do I cancel an order?
    Please call 434-534-3152 or email to discuss canceling you order. As pre-orders are custom made and are a perishable product, cancellation within 48hrs of your scheduled pickup, may incur a fee or be subject to no refund.
  • Can I pay with a check?
    In store orders allow the use of checks for payment. Note there could be up to a $20 charge back fee if a check is returned.
  • Is shipping available for Simply Vanilla Gourmet Cheesecakes?
    Although shipping is a forseeable option, we work primarily with local business's and guests to provide our best quality and variety of cheesecakes.
  • Does Simply Vanilla Gourmet deliver?
    For indivdual delivery orders, Simply Vanilla Gourmet has partnered with DoorDash and Grubhub for delivery to your front door. Simply Vanilla Gourmet does offer direct delivery for lager orders or special events.
  • Where can I pickup my order?
    Orders can be picked up at our storefront location: 1381 Crossings Centre Drive, Forest VA. Please allow 48hrs before picking up your customized cheesecake order.
  • Where are your cheesecake slices available?
    We are proud to work with the following restaurants: Graziano's Italian Restaurant in Forest and La Villa in Lynchburg. Please contact the locations for specific flavors that are in stock. While your there check out their other awesome menu features!
  • Do Simply Vanilla Gourmet cheesecakes need to be refrigerated?
    Yes, our gourmet cheesecakes should be kept refrigerated at all times.
  • Can I freeze Simply Vanilla Gourmet cheesecakes?
    While we recommend enjoying our cheesecakes fresh, with the exception of the fresh fruit flavors, they can be frozen to be enjoyed at a later date. Simply wrap the cheesecake in it's packaging with plastic wrap and place in freezer for up to 30 days. To thaw, place in refrigerator overnight prior to serving the next day.
  • How do I expertly slice my gourmet cheesecake?
    Use a hot non-serrated bread knife, let sit in boiling water between slices, and slowly let the knife slice / melt through the cheesecake to the crust. Then pull the knife towards you, never up, to remove from the cheesecake. Wipe the knife clean between each cut for the cleanest slice.
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